Character idea - Hannah "Scarlet" Bonnet

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Character idea - Hannah "Scarlet" Bonnet Empty Character idea - Hannah "Scarlet" Bonnet

Post by Kohl Black on Thu May 26, 2016 10:42 am

Have you ever had an image of a character randomly pop into your head and it's like bam! there's a new character. This is literally what happened when I created this character, a pirate captain named Hannah "Scarlet" Bonnet, better known as Captain Scarlet or Scarlet. She is a maned wolf who wears a fancy-looking, expensive outfit that is entirely red, thus her nickname "Scarlet". And if you haven't guessed already, her name is based off of Anne Bonny, who was a real pirate, though I have yet to decide if their personalities will be anything alike.

Her outfit kind of looks like this, including the big red hat with a white feather and a longer coat with lots of white ruffles in the middle.

I still need to think of an actual story but I do know all of the characters are furries/anthros and most of them are pirates so they will be doing pirate-y things.
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Character idea - Hannah "Scarlet" Bonnet Empty Re: Character idea - Hannah "Scarlet" Bonnet

Post by Valrogg on Thu May 26, 2016 12:48 pm

Sounds like a really cool idea! Pirates are awesome, and I really like stories that take place on ships, especially during voyages.

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