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Basic General Rules Empty Basic General Rules

Post by Valrogg on Sun Apr 10, 2016 7:09 pm

If we were to do a Pathfinder or other tabletop based roleplaying game, there is a basic general format I'd like to do things in, to make sure there is no confusion in the way things are done. Simply put, I will outline a generic encounter below:

Character 1: (Player types out their character's actions, roleplaying out their actions for the round of combat or story action. This is where you will place dialogue and actions as if you were writing a snippet of a story in which the character's action takes place.)
In this space, specify actions taken within the rules of the game. I.E., movement, attack action or spell cast and use the /roll function to roll and show the results of the dice .

Character 2: (Use the same format as the above)
DungeonMaster: Types out the results of the dice and the actions of any NPCs involved, using the dice results from the previous posts, and specifies what happens to the player characters during that round.

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