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Post by Valrogg on Sat Apr 09, 2016 8:18 pm

This is the novel that I attempted back for NaNoWriMo in 2015, but was unfortunately left unfinished. I'm going to revamp it and try to work on it as a main project soon, in addition to Raven King and Zakaren. It won't be as prominent as those two, but I do want to give it priority over those stories which are still in the planning stage as well.

It takes place in a fantasy world that combines elements from multiple different mythologies, in particular the Shinto belief that gods exist in all facets of the world around us. One of the Gods has become fed up with the existence of humans encroaching on his territory, and creates a plague with the intent of wiping out the human population and starting from scratch. This plague ends up taking the life of the apprentice of the God of the Forest, who chooses two people from the feuding villages in his domain to find and destroy the God who started the plague. As collateral, he kidnaps one of the chosen's younger brother to ensure that they fulfill their duty properly.
My protagonists are Benn, an insomniac herbalist who took up the profession after his father came down with a terrible disease, and Sarale, a huntress who lives alone and despises human contact. The two of them were best friends as children, but due to a falling out which Benn has forgotten, they are now bitter enemies. Sarale in particular holds deep hatred for Benn, and the mere thought of working with him makes her sick to her stomach. Also, a few chapters will focus on Lukett, Benn's brother who was taken by the Forest God.
The main thing I want to focus on with this story is the romance between Benn and Sarale, as they grow closer as people and come to terms with their respective pasts. Also, I don't want this to be an action series. Yes, they are going on an extended journey across a mythical world, but I want to keep any fighting to a minimum, especially where my main characters are concerned. I'm writing enough action series as it is, and I'd rather not become a one-trick novelist.
What do you guys all think?

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